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Done for you

(Without disrupting your current business)

We’ll give your processes a jump start

If you don't have the time to set up Process we will help get your current Training and Compliance in place

Then implement a more efficient way for your team to execute repeatable projects, so that your business is set up to scale.

Winging it on training and compliance is costing how much???

When your projects lack a solid process and predictability...

  • Projects cost more to deliver, which hurts your bottom line.

  • Client relationships are more stressful, which hurts retention and referral business.

  • Teammates can’t do their best work because they’re preoccupied with putting out fires.

A better process can be the most profitable decision you make this year.

With a better process in place:

...New clients can’t wait to rave about how right they were to start working with your company.

...Client retention is better than ever because your systems deliver results like clockwork.

...Employees do better work and stay with you longer. Training new people new ones happens effortlessly.

In other words, growth doesn’t just happen. It requires a better process.


A simple SOP is not enough.

Wouldn’t it be great if every project followed the same script?

Well, that’s just not how work happens in the real world. Not everything fits a simple checklist or SOP.

There are options, special circumstances, extensions, up-sells, add-ons, configurations... Not to mention client delays and fulfilment mishaps. You’ve seen it all.

This is where the magic happens.

Our software, ProcessKit, can be programmed to automatically adapt to all of the variations that come up in your projects. It eliminates the bottlenecks that crop up when things don’t go according to plan.

But just like any smart strategy, the more you put in, the more you get out.

Setting up ProcessKit with a process, tailored to your company’s work—complete with the right integrations and dialed-in automations—requires some thoughtful in-the-weeds work.

ProcessKit Implementer does the heavy lifting for you.
And then some.

When you know it’s time to upgrade your systems and process, and when you want it done with the careful attention to detail that this deserves, ProcessKit Implementer is here.

During our 30-day implementation, we’ll handle-for-you all the things, such as:

Process audit and (re)design

Automation programming

Zapier integrations

Private, personalised, recorded training

...Without the disruption and distractions.

We know you’re busy. You’ve got active projects and pipeline that won’t stop. We get it.

With just a few strategy sessions with you and your team, we’ll get what we need to get to work for you.

Then we’ll implement a plan to phase in ProcessKit gradually, and we’ll help your team get set up and trained up with a personalised, private, team workshop.

How it works

Step 1

We collect all your current training processes and compliance schedules

Step 2

Our Training specialist will re work the current training into process cards

Step 3

We handle the legwork of implementing your improved systems and training in Process

Step 4

Then host a private workshop with you and your team so you hit the ground running

One Time Investment

Smaller · $800

For teams of up to 10 

One location

Medium · $1250

For teams of 11-25 

One Location

Org · Get in touch

For teams larger than 25 

Multiple locations

All implementations include an additional free month of

Implementation service usually takes about 30 Days

Phone and Conference Call support for 90 Days

Priority email support for Process app for 12 Months

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we work with you for additional sessions later on?

Yes, you're welcome to purchase additional implementation packs at a discounted rate

We can discuss this with you directly

You will also receive complimentary priority support for ProcessKit.

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