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  • Richard Keehan

Process for Retail

Do you want to make sure your whole team is on the same page?

Having your team present a consistent process to your customers will help with the brand and sales process.

The incremental improvement of your entire sales team allows your business to scale its sales success.

You will have spent a lot of effort creating your brand and store feel as well as curating the right products that suit your customer. But is the messaging of your people following that process.

Centralise Knowledge

Knowledge powers customer service and sales, and if every team member relies on separate information , consistency is likely to be poor and conversions will reduce. By centralising information in a single knowledge base, and stepping your team through it everyone will be presenting a unified voice to your customers. Companies can ensure consistency and increase efficiency at the same time. Key training can be loaded into Process app and staff can work through the processes to learn and grow best practise

Up skill your Team to convert more

Have your best processes and sales people formalise what converts a customers into a sale. Passing that process onto the whole sales force and get your team up to speed quickly. Every customer that comes in is looking to buy so you want to ensure that you have the right information, answer any objections and complete the sale efficiently. Use Process app to push out new training and skills and have your whole team step through it

Test and check

Who are your best performers and can the team learn from a process they use? Do you see who is preforming less and can they be up-skilled in some way? Formulate a good process and document it. Put your whole team through the process using Process app.

As new team members join they will also go through the same training process with checks and testing to ensure that they are all up to speed as quickly and efficiently as possible

Get in touch with the team at Process app to see how the system can help you Streamline training and compliance within your business

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