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  • Richard Keehan

Process in your Business

How to Streamline Staff Training and Compliance Tasks

Managing staff training and compliance well is essential to the success of any business and it ensures that team members are healthy and safe in the workplace. Maintaining strong training programs and compliance processes can be a lot of work. To help simplify training and compliance, consider integrating a software service like Process App.

Provide Consistent Training

With Process App, managers can assign training tasks to team members and monitor their progress. They can perform checks to ensure that team members not only completed the training but truly understood the material. By assigning training consistently to an entire team and viewing their performance, managers can be sure that everyone is on the same page.

Managers can also easily reassign training tasks to those who struggled with the content or may need corrective training. When a team member shows a lack of understanding of compliance processes or standard procedures, corrective training can help them understand what is expected of them.

Receive Deadline Alerts

Process App can help avoid missed deadlines by sending alerts via email, SMS, or dashboard notifications. This eliminates the possibility of being caught off-guard by an approaching deadline. The software also allows managers to pull reports quickly and easily for compliance audits.

Stay Updated and Organised

With the built-in dashboard feature, Process App makes it easy to keep track of training progress and compliance tasks. View upcoming deadlines, assign tasks, see which team members have completed their training or compliance tasks, and receive alerts, all in the same place.

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